This week, Anna Kelley, Lauren Wainwright, Francisco Lopez-Santos Kornberger and Maria Vrij join us to discuss their respective approaches to Byzantine Studies outreach: How can we boost popular interest in Byzantium? So we’re bringing everyone together for a multi-speaker presentation. Snacks and refreshments as always. Join us! Outreach RoundTable 10 Feb 2016-page-001

James Baillie: The Caucasian Prosopography Project

Happy New Year! This week, please help us welcome James Baillie, who will be presenting: The Caucasian Prosopography Project. Snacks and wine provided as always!

James Baillie 20 Jan 2016 GEM poster-page-001

Tuesday, 8 December 2015, Dr. Francesca Dell’Acqua

This week on Tuesday at 6pm, we welcome Dr. Francesca Dell’Acqua, our Marie Curie Fellow, presenting on Iconophilia!  Don’t forget the change in the usual day and time.  Wine and snacks provided as always!Francesca dell Acqua 8 December 2015-page-001

Byzantine and Modern Greek Studies in Spain

Tomorrow we welcome Dimitris Morfakidis and Francisco L-S. Kornberger, presenting on Byzantine and Modern Greek studies in Spain at the University of Granada.  Snacks and refreshments provided as always!Morfakidis and Kornberger 25 November 2015-page-001

Elie de Rosen, 9 November, 2015

This week we welcome Elie de Rosen who will present on Greek urban settlements from 800-1200.  Wine and snacks provided as always!

Elie de Rosen 9 November 2015-page-001

Living and Researching in Istanbul!

This week we welcome Gemma Masson returning from a year abroad in Istanbul!  Wine and snacks provided as always!Gemma Masson 28 October 2015-page-001

Elena Bitsiani, 14 October, 2015

This week we welcome Elena Bitsiani to present on the representation of the Bourgeousie during the 1920s and 30s. Come to support Elena! refreshments are provided and all are welcome as always.14 October 2015 Elena Bitsiani-page-001