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The concept is the same as previously: in each Forum session, we would like 1-2 postgraduate student(s) to give a talk about a topic of their research. Alternatively, the GEM Forum can be a film screening, a ‘seminar’ (an open discussion about a given topic, chaired by one of the Centre’s students) or a visit to the university’s facilities relevant to fields covered by the CBOMGS.

Apart from being an excellent opportunity to expand an academic CV, the forum allows participants to:

  • practice giving papers and presentations (e.g., in preparation for upcoming colloquia)
  • receive feedback on research and various work in progress
  • improve confidence in asking and answering questions in a public, yet friendly atmosphere
  • and finally, to meet and socialize with other postgraduate students

We want YOU


If you are interested in chairing a session of the GEM forum, this would involve giving a short introduction about the speaker/s and their work, then directing the Q&A session afterwards. Any suggestions for seminar topics that you might like to chair are also welcome.


In order to plan a programme, please send your abstracts by 14th December including:

-The proposed paper topic AND field of study (e.g. Byzantine, Ottoman or Modern Greek Studies).

-An abstract of approximately 200 words.

-Dates of your availability – GEM forum sessions are going to take place, as per usual, at the Whitting Room from 5.15pm onwards, but this term they are going to be every Wednesday.

-Whether you would require any AV facilities.

Yes, I am interested!

Both prospective chairpeople and speakers should contact Yannis Stamos by 14th December 2014 on IXS233@bham.ac.uk.

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