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New publications

The April Vienna Bibliography can be found here: FB085apr13.


A new publication just recently released:

Liakopoulos, Georgios C. and Palioungas, Theodoros G., Othomanikes
Epigrafes tis Larisas. Prologos Edhem Eldem (Ottoman Inscriptions of
Larissa. Preface by Edhem Eldem), in Greek with English summary
Thessaloniki: Ant. Stamoulis, 2013
230 p. : ill.
Includes bibliographical references (p. 17-36) and indices (p. 143-156)
ISBN: 978-960-9533-52-2


Also just recently published:

A Social History of Late Ottoman Women: New Perspectives,edited by Duygu Köksal, Boğaziçi University, Istanbul and Anastasia Falierou, University of Athens.

Call for papers – new journal

Asfar is a new online journal which aims to provide a platform for early-career researchers to discuss the politics, culture, and history of the Middle East. It can be found at www.asfar.org.uk

We are looking for contributors to the next e-journal, particularly relating the Balkans to the Middle East (as culturally linked through the Ottoman Empire). The subject range is very broad – the topic can be anything the writer finds interesting and relevant.

Each article needs to be between 1500-4000 words, and the deadline is 7th June (the e-publication will be out by the end of the month)

For more information, please contact info@asfar.org.uk


This page is still under construction. Please get in touch with suggestions of relevant publications of interest to Byzantinists.

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