Lectures online

Online Access to lectures

The lectures of the one-day conference for diachronic corpora on the webpage of Bodosakis Foundation: http://www.blod.gr/lectures/Pages/viewevent.aspx?EventID=259. Also, summaries of the lectures are found here: http://greekcorpus20.phil.uoa.gr/hmerida.html

Lectures on Literature (Bodosakis Foundation): http://www.blod.gr/lectures/default.aspx?CategoryID=4&Category=%CE%9B%CE%BF%CE%B3%CE%BF%CF%84%CE%B5%CF%87%CE%BD%CE%AF%CE%B1.

Thanos Veremis’ lecture entitled ‘The Greek crisis: when the segmentary community meets with populism’ at The Hellenic Centre of London on Saturday 1 June 2013: http://www.livemedia.com/video/45135

Lectures (and interviews) about Modern and Ancient Greece on the webpage of Aikaterini Laskaridi Foundation: http://video.laskaridou.gr/

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