Digitalised sources

Hellenic Parliament

National Book Centre of Greece

Κρητικά χρονικά


Institute of Historical Research et al. in Greece


Modern Greek Studies Associations

Arbeitsgemeinschaft für Neogräzistik in der Bundesrepublik Deutschland:

The Society for Modern Greek Studies (in the UK):

European Society of Modern Greek Studies:

Modern Greek Studies Association (USA):

Sociedad Hispanica de Estudios Neogriegos:


Institutes of Modern Greek (and Byzantine) Studies worldwide

Istituto Siciliano di Studi Bizantini e Neoellenici “Bruno Lavagnini” (Palermo, Italy):

Centro de Estudios Bizantinos, Neogriegos y Chipriotas (Granada, Spain):

Centro de Estudios Griegos Clásicos, Bizantinos y Neo-Helénicos “Fotios Malleros” (Santiago, Chile):


Modern Greek Studies (Modern Greek Philology) at Universities worldwide

Greece & Cyprus

Aristotle University of Thessaloniki: (in Greek) or (in English)

National and Kapodestrian University of Athens: (in Greek) or (in English)

University of Crete: (in Greek) or (in English)

University of Cyprus: (in Greek) or (in English)

University of Ioannina: (in Greek) or (in English)

University of Patras: (in Greek) or (in English)


King’s College London:

University of Cambridge:

University of Oxford:


Freie Universität Berlin:

Ludwig Maximilians Universität München:


Universität Wien:


Harvard University:

Yale University:

Princeton University:

Columbia University:

In the webpage of Columbia University one can also find links to the departments of other American Universities that offer Modern Greek Studies Programs:



  • Launch of a new website by the Centre for the Modern Greek Language “Ψηφίδες για την Ελληνική Γλώσσα”

The new website complements and extends the already available resources of the Portal for the Greek language. It will include text corpora, linguistic tools, multimedia resources etc.

Of special interest is Anemoskala ( a fully searchable corpus/concordance of  Modern Greek Poetry. At present, users have access to full works by Anagnostakis, Varnalis, Kalvos, Kariotakis, Sachtouris, Seferis and limited access (word list and contexts) to works by Sinopoulos.

  • Bibliography of non-independent publications pertaining to Modern Greek Literature (1927-2001)

Biblio-Uellner: Θεματικά οργανωμένη βιβλιογραφία μη αυτόνομων δημοσιεύσεων για τη νεοελληνική λογοτεχνία.

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