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New Publications –

Yusuf Ziya Karabıçak, The Development of Ottoman Policies Towards Greek Associations (1861-1912), ISBN 978-605-4326-90-7

Ben-Bassat, Yuval. _Petitioning the Sultan: Protests and
Justice in Late Ottoman Palestine_. London: I.B.TAURIS, 2013, xiv+332pp.
including tables and appendices.

Jerusalem: From the Ottomans to the British
Roberto Mazza |
In December 1917, British troops entered Jerusalem, thereby ending Ottoman rule and opening a new and important era in the history of Jerusalem. Roberto Mazza discusses the period of transition from Ottoman rule to the British administration, focusing on the socio-political changes from the nineteenth century to the twentieth, the impact of the First World War and the ongoing development of Jerusalem into the vibrant city it has become. He considers the impact of the change in administration on the local population and uses case studies to provide new perspectives on this often overlooked period in Jerusalem’s history.
9781780767086 | Paperback | 288 pages | 216 x 138mm

Ottoman Imperial Diplomacy
A Political, Social and Cultural History
Dogan Gurpinar |
The Ottoman Empire maintained a complex and powerful bureaucratic system which enforced the Sultan’s authority across the imperial territories. This bureaucracy continued to gain in power and prestige, even as the empire itself began to crumble at the end of the nineteenth century. Through extensive new research in the Ottoman archives, Dogan Gurpgnar assesses the intellectual, cultural and ideological foundations of the diplomatic service under Sultan Abdulhamid II.
9781780761121 | Hardback | 288 pages | 234 x 156mm

New Publication: Cigdem Oguz, Negotiating the Terms of Mercy: Petitions and Pardon Cases in the Hamidian
Cigdem Oguz, (Libra Kitap, Istanbul, 2013). 136 p.



New Release: The European Tributary States of the Ottoman Empire in the Sixteenth-Seventeenth Centuries. Edited by Gábor Kármán and Lovro Kuncevi´c  The first comprehensive overview of the empire’s relationship to its various European tributaries, Moldavia, Wallachia, Transylvania, Ragusa, the Crimean Khanate and the Cossack Hetmanate. The volume focuses on three fundamental aspects of the empire’s relationship with these polities: the various legal frameworks which determined their positions within the imperial system, the diplomatic contacts through which they sought to influence the imperial center, and the military cooperation between them and the Porte. Bringing together studies by eminent experts and presenting results of several less-known historiographical traditions, this volume contributes significantly to a deeper understanding of Ottoman power at the peripheries of the empire.


New Release: A Social History of Late Ottoman Women. Edited by Duygu Köksal, Boğaziçi University, Istanbul and Anastasia Falierou, University of Athens In A Social History of the Late Ottoman Women: New Sources, New Stories, Duygu Köksal and Anastasia Falierou bring together new research on women of different geographies and communities of the late Ottoman Empire. Making use of archives, literary works, diaries, newspapers, almanacs, art works or cartoons, the contributors focus particularly on the ways in which women gained power and exercised agency in late Ottoman Empire and early Republican Turkey. The articles convincingly show that women’s agency cannot be unearthed without narrating how women were involved in shaping their own and others’ lives even in the most unexpected areas of their existence. The women’s activities described here do not simply reflect modernizing trends or westernizing attitudes—or their defensive denial. They provide an array of local responses where ‘the local’ can never be found (and should never be conceptualized) in its initial, unchanged, or authentic state.


New Release: Debating Orientalism.Edited by Ziad Elmarsafy, Anna Bernard, David Attwell.Debating Orientalism addresses the book’s contemporary relevance without lionizing or demonizing its author. Bridging the gap between intellectual history and political engagement, the twelve contributors to this volume interrogate Orientalism’s legacy with a view to moving the debate about this text beyond the manichean limitations within which it has all too often been imprisoned. Debating Orientalism seeks to consider Orientalism’s implications with a little less feeling, though no less commitment to understanding the value and political effects of engaged scholarship.


Available Now: Ocak und Dedelik: Institutionen religiösen Spezialistentums bei den Aleviten  [=Alevi Ritüel Bilgisi Sürdüren  Ocak Düzeni ve Dedelik Kurumu = ‘Holy Lineages’ and Religious Specialists as Institutions of Alevi Ritual Knowledge]. (ed.) Robert Hüseyin Ağuiçenoğlu, Janina Karolewski, and Raoul Motika.


New Book: Mixing Musics: Turkish Jewry and the Urban Landscape of a Sacred Son by Maureen Jackson.


New Book: And Then We Work for God: Rural Sunni Islam in Western Turkey by Kimberly Hart.


Review Article: Article in Nationalities Papers discussing several of the most exciting recent books on the role of religion and national identity in 20th century Turkish history: Şükrü Hanioğlu’s Atatürk, Gavin Brockett’s How Happy to Call Oneself a Turk, Ugur Ümit Üngör’s the Making of Modern Turkey, Ryan Gingeras’s Sorrowful Shores and Sarah Shields’ Fezzes into the River.


New Journal Edition: OSMANLI ARAŞTIRMALARI/THE JOURNAL OF OTTOMAN STUDIES SAYI/ISSUE  41 out now. Part I of a Special Issue on The Ottoman World of Thought and Education.


Available Now: The Silent Minority of Turkey – Turkish Jews, by Rifat N. Bali. The present book deals with the history of Turkish Jewry during the last century or so, beginning from the final years of the Ottoman Empire and continuing on through the early years of the Turkish Republic until today. The common theme of the various articles included in this volume is the pressures, problems and different instances and periods of discrimination and anti-Semitism that the small Jewish community of Turkey has encountered over the roughly 85-year history of the Turkish Republic. This collection of articles will be of use to the casual reader, as well as to scholars and students interested in the history of Turkish Jews. Available from Libra Kitap, Istanbul, 2013, 572 p., 978-605-4326-70-9, US$ 60.00 + postage

Available Now: Turkey, the Jews and the Holocaust, by Corry Guttstadt. Analyzes the minority politics of the Turkish republic and the country’s ambivalent policies regarding Jewish refugees and Turkish Jews living abroad.


Available Now: Writing History at the Ottoman Court: Editing the Past, Fashioning the Future, edited by H. Erdem Cipa and Emine Fetvaci. Ottoman historical writing of the 15th and 16th centuries played a significant role in fashioning Ottoman identity and institutionalizing the dynastic state structure during this period of rapid imperial expansion.This volume shows how the writing of history achieved these effects by examining the implicit messages conveyed by the texts and illustrations of key manuscripts. It answers such questions as how the Ottomans understood themselves within their court and in relation to non-Ottoman others; how they visualized the ideal ruler; how they defined their culture and place in the world; and what the significance of Islam was in their self-definition.


Available Now: Writing Religion: The Making of Turkish Alevi Islam, Markus Dressler. Extensive examination of marginalized religious groups who figure significantly in the modern formulation of secular Turkish nationalism.


Now Published: The Cambridge History of Turkey Volume 2: The Ottoman Empire as a World Power, 1453–1603 Edited by Suraiya Faroqhi and Kate Fleet.

Available Now: Healing the Nation: Prisoners of War, Medicine and Nationalism in Turkey, 1924-1939Yucel Yanikdag. Explores how the Great War influenced the construction of identity and nationalism in the Ottoman Empire.


NEW  PERSPECTIVES ON TURKEY: The Spring 2013 (No. 48) issue of New Perspectives on Turkey (NPT) is now
available. No. 48, Spring 2013


Available Now: The Emperor Tea Garden by Nazlι Eray. Translated by Robert Finn. A mixture of drama and fable, confession and memoir, the fabulous and the prosaic, The Emperor Tea Garden is now available in an English translation.


Available Now: The Politics of Reproduction in Ottoman Society, 1838–1900 by Gülhan Balsoy. Balsoy uses previously untapped archival sources to examine epidemics, migration and territorial losses and the elites responses during the nineteenth century.


Available Now: Kadi ve Gunlugu: Sadreddinzade Telhisi Mustafa Efendi Gunlugu (1711-1735) Ustune Bir Inceleme [The Judge and His Diary: An Examination of Sadreddinzade Telhisi Mustafa Efendi’s Diary (1711-1735)] by Selim Karahasanoglu.


H-Net Review: Amy Mills, Streets of Memory: Landscape, Tolerance and National Identity in Istanbul.Ebru Boyar & Kate Fleet, A Social History of Ottoman Istanbul.Çiğdem Kafescioğlu Constantinopolis/Istanbul: Cultural Encounter, Imperial Vision, and the Construction of the Ottoman Capital (Buildings, Landscapes, and Societies).


Available Now: Türkiye’de Kitap Koleksiyonerleri ve Sahaflar (Rare book collectors and rare book dealers in Turkey) edited by Rıfat N. Bali.


Available Now: Empire and Power in the Reign of Süleyman: Narrating the Sixteenth-Century Ottoman World by Kaya Sahin.


Available Now: Portraits and Caftans of the Ottoman Sultans by Nurhan Atasoy.


Other Places: Ottomans traveling, seeing, writing, drawing the world. Essays in honor of Thomas D. Goodrich: Includes contributions by Baki Tezcan, E. Natalie Rothman,
Emine Fetvacı, Zeynep Aydoğan, Jean-Louis Bacqué-Grammont, Sonja Brentjes, Palmira Brummett & Thompson Newell, John J. Curry, John-Paul A. Ghobrial, Gottfried Hagen, Bruce McGowan, Svatopluk Soucek, Meltem Toksöz, NicolasVatin, Alexis Wick, and Bilgin Aydın.


Just Published: Alev Gözcü, *1929 Dünya Ekonomik Buhranı ve Türkiye*, Libra Kitap,
İstanbul, 2013

Just Published: Leon Benavram, *Adapazarı 1942-Le Journal d’un Soldat Juif Dans L’Armée Turque*, Libra Kitap, İstanbul, 2013


Just Published: Rıfat N. Bali, *From Anatolia to the New World Life Stories of the First Turkish Immigrants to America*, Libra Kitap, İstanbul, 2013


Out Now: Shatterzone of Empires: Coexistence and Violence in the German, Habsburg, Russian, and Ottoman Borderlands, Omer Bartov (Editor), Eric D. Weitz (Editor)



The Greek Orthodox Community of Mytilene: Between the Ottoman Empire and the Greek State, 1876-1912 (Byzantine and Neohellenic Studies), Maria Mandamadiotou (Author)

http://www.amazon.co.uk/Greek-Orthodox-Community-Mytilene Neohellenic/dp/3034309104/ref=sr_1_11?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1361958366&sr=1-11

The Voice of England in the East: Stratford Canning and Diplomacy with the Ottoman Empire (Library of Ottoman Studies), Steven Richmond (Author)


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