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Here you will find links to news stories on Ottoman Heritage and Events in the news as well as general developments in Ottoman Studies.

From Hürriyet Daily News 27/07/2013

The role of the seyhulislam among the Ottomans


From Hürriyet Daily News 23/07/2013

Fourth pillar revealed at Sagalassos old city


From Hürriyet Daily News 23/07/2013

Picturing Byzantine Istanbul 1930-1947


From Hürriyet Daily News 20/07/2013

How Sultan Süleyman became ‘Kanuni’


From Hürriyet Daily News 20/07/2013

Archaeologists issues warning on destruction of Istanbul’s Yedikule Gardens


From Hürriyet Daily News 20/07/2013

Patara Excavations start for the 25th time this summer


New Episode of the Ottoman History Podcast 19/07/2013

“Painting the Peasant in Modern Turkey” featuring the research of Seçil Yılmaz. The episode discusses a five-year project carried out between 1938 and 1943 in which dozens of Turkish painters were sent to villages all over
Anatolia to create depictions of the countryside. You can find it here:


From Hürriyet Daily News 17/07/2013

A boring Istanbul adventure


From Hürriyet Daily News 17/07/2013

The excavations in Alacahöyük reveal that there are water canals which date back to 4,000 years ago. This might be the second open air museum


From Hürriyet Daily News 15/07/2013

Roman mosaics discovered in Amasya


From (Un)Free Archaeology Blog 15/07/2013

Taksim Square and Gezi Park: a world heritage site of struggle for human rights?


From Hürriyet Daily News 15/07/2013

Excavations at Yoros Castle to move to military zone


From Hürriyet Daily News 15/07/2013

Diyarbakır’s Surp Giragos Church set to have Armenian museum


From Hürriyet Daily News 15/07/2013

Visitors flock back to Spring in Turkey’s northwestern town


From Hürriyet Daily News 13/07/2013

Rich Greek  graffiti found in İzmir agora


From Hürriyet Daily News 13/07/2013

‘The superiority of dogs…’


From Hürriyet Daily News 11/07/2013

Lycai museum construction stops.


From Hürriyet Daily News 11/07/2013

Sinan’s House a boost for Tourism.


From Hürriyet Daily News 10/07/2013


From Hürriyet Daily News 10/07/2013


From Jadaliyya 09/07/2013

Sex, Love and Worship in Classic Ottoman Texts: An Interview with Selim Kuru


From Hürriyet Daily News 09/07/2013

Talk focuses on ancient signs of Ottoman Heritage


From Hürriyet Daily News 09/07/2013

Turkish Historical Foundation (TTK) to go online with a new project


From Emrah Yildiz via the H-Turk mailing list 25/06/2013.

On behalf of the Jadaliyya Turkey co-editors, I would like to announce the launch of Jadaliyya Turkey. The official launchstatement is included below for your convenience:


We look forward to your submissions both in Turkish and English!

From Metin Hulagu via the H-Turk mailing list.

Here are the a number of symposiums in 2013, 2014 and 2015 declared by the
Turkish Historical Society.

For more information please visit to: http://sempozyum.ttk.gov.tr/

From Amaryllis Logotheti via. The H-Turk mailing list.

‘We are very pleased to announce our brand new Ottoman and Turkish Studies field at the Dissertation Reviews project. We would be more than happy to receive feedback, suggestions and contributions to this effort.’

The principal contact for Ottoman and Turkish Studies is Amaryllis Logotheti, who can be reached at amaryllis.logotheti@dissertationreviews.org.


Alumni News 05/06/2013

Big Congratulations to CBOMGS alumni Hasan Çolak who has just secured a 4 year Post-Doc Fellowship at Leiden University in the Netherlands!

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